Why your Business Needs to
Be Apart of the Let's Buy Black 365 Movement!
LetsBuyBlack365 is a nationwide Black economic empowerment movement, online Black community, and local network. This is a movement to empower Black people through the committed Black owned businesses that create jobs, create resources, and fuel our communities as they grow.

The Problem

As business owners and entrepreneurs we oftentimes feel as though we are not getting the community support we need….  

Sometimes we are overwhelmed in a vicious cycle of if I had more sales & customers, I'd be able to get more help and if I had more help I'd be able to get more sales and customers.

The excuses from Black consumers about why the dollars flow away from us are endless....it's not convenient, prices are too high, the other's guy's ice is colder. Some excuses are founded in truth some are not.

Here's why it doesn't matter.

Fear and distrust in our businesses have kept our people divided.
Division makes us paralyzed and powerless.

Powerlessness leaves our communit
ies open to harm.


The Solution

Bring traffic to your business, and build community support and trust in what you do for your customers and clients. Our business listing is a way to help potential customers and clients find your business much faster, easier, and better.

Plus, listing your company connects you with customers who are eager to support in a conscious effort to see your business succeed, and they are rewarded for buying from you! The better your business, the more support you get! The more support you get, the more rewards for customers who are members of our site!

Get support if you need help and guidance growing your business. Online and offline trainings, networking opportunities and workshops are held with leaders in the Black economic empowerment movement, and entrepreneurs who’ve had proven success in what they do. This is a movement for economic empowerment so  listings will always FREE.


Join the movement.
Connect with eager conscious customers Now!

About Let's Buy Black 365 Movement

LetsBuyBlack365 group of concerned citizens organizing locally and nationally towards Black economic, political, and overall justice. This community has resources for everyone. The general public, business owners & professionals and local organizers.

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